Delighting the Traveller Evey Time

Sydney is one of those cities that finds new ways to delight the traveller every time they visit. As Australia’s oldest city, it’s not hard to see why Sydney is still popular with the tourists. It has an abundance of shops that range from the high class, big bucks stores to the lower end thrift stores where you can find that perfect bargain. The climate is temperate, even if it does rain more than it does in London.There are also the fantastic attractions that are the cream of Sydney’s crop, such as the Darling Harbour, which used to be an industrial wharf but was gentrified and turned into a shopping precinct in the late 1980s.

Darling Harbour is home to many attractions which include the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney’s Chinese Gardens, The Australian National Maritime Museum, the Star Casino and the Sydney Aquarium. The other major attractions of Sydney are its beaches, Coogee and Bondi attract millions of surfers and beach dwellers each year and if you’ve visited there, it’s not hard to see why these two beaches and the others along Sydney’s coast are major people hotspots.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic and a tourist favourite.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic, completed during the 1930s, the Bridge spans the harbour from the Sydney CBD to the North shore and commands stunning views of the Sydney skyline and the Sydney Opera House, which is perhaps Sydney’s most famous attraction.

If you’re coming to Sydney and you’re bringing your family, you will not be disappointed as Sydney is a very family friendly city. The question on your mind might be what accommodation should you book? What is the best place to stay with your family? There are so many options open to you when booking accommodation that it might make your head spin, however if you want a feeling of a home away from home take a look at the fully furnished apartments in Sydney offered by Furnished Properties Pty Ltd.

There’s also the prices, some might be out of this world good, some might be out of your price range. It’s always important to budget, especially if you are travelling to Sydney from Europe or somewhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. Sydney certainly isn’t free and you may end up breaking the bank if you don’t keep a hold of the purse strings.

Hotels are the first choice for many with families. This is perfect for families who only have 1 or 2 children but anymore than 3 can be a bit of a stretch. You might have to book two hotels rooms and this can be quite pricey and also a major inconvenience. Motels and Bed and Breakfasts are the same problem and can be even worse if you are travelling with up to 5 more people. Bed and Breakfasts around Sydney can usually only take at the most 3 people in a room. They’re better suited to newly married couples without kids.

Another option is Rental Apartments or Houses. These come fully furnished and are pretty reasonable depending on the length of your stay in Sydney as is detailed more on such sites as These are also in some of Sydney’s prime locations, although, if you want to stay in the CBD and have a large family then you may not find the most spacious apartments. Some of the apartments go for $500 a week at the lower end of the price range and can be a godsend space wise. There are many options out there, it’s just a simple matter of what you need and what you can afford.

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